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SEO Services

SEO is NOT a magic bullet

SEO is a critical and powerful digital marketing tool but it’s not a magic bullet. SEO will not fix your product/service, it won’t replace the rest of your marketing efforts, and it will not do all your selling for you.

What it WILL do is drive more organic search traffic (the most valuable web traffic) to your website and improve your Google search rankings, resulting in more inbound lead generation and website traffic.

SEO is NOT a short-term strategy

SEO is a long-term strategy. It’s an investment in the long term success of your website and brand. 

Don’t go into SEO with the mindset of instant gratification. 

Give it time before you expect to see noteworthy results. SEO work can take months to years to be fully recognized. But the investment is usually very worth it. Things worth building take time.

Get more inbound leads

If you aren’t using your website to generate significant inbound leads, do you really have a website? Put your content to work for you and bring in more valuable leads by taking your SEO seriously. 

SEO is an investment that can pay dividends when done properly.

Get the RIGHT kinds of leads

All website traffic is not created equal. With the right planning and execution you can make sure your marketing strategy is going after not just people, but the right kinds of people who are interested in your products/services.

I’ll help you with keyword planning and keyword targeting to help attract RELEVANT web traffic to your offers.

Automate your content creation

My services cover all aspects of technical SEO as well as content writing on your blog so you can win more keywords on Google. 

Anyone who tries to sell you on SEO and doesn’t bring up content creation is trying to sell you a bridge. 

Fix your technical SEO and optimize your website​

I’ll make sure your sitemaps are submited, your site architecture is optimized, repair any thin/duplicate content issues, update any meta data that isn’t optimized, do necessary keyword research, verify your links are working properly, optimize your website speed, and help build local business citations and secure your brand on all social media platforms. 

Content is still king!​

Any quality SEO professional knows that high quality content is vital for any real improvements in SEO. 

Unlike some SEO services which barely mention content writing, it’s something I highly prioritize and will make sure is delivered so you can get the results you’re looking for.

Are you interested in talking more in depth about my SEO services, asking any questions, or learning more? Let’s talk.